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Stop complaining if you’re not going to be part of the change

Students of Seton Hall: let’s have a little “us” time this week. Sound good? Great. As most of you may know, our University is currently searching for a new president. The Wit/Kiefer firm, which specializes in academic executive position searches, was hired by Seton Hall to aid with the search. The firm visited campus on Sept. 21 to hear what students want from their next president. One might expect this to be a popular forum for students to attend, considering we as a student body love to complain. You would think there would be at least 50 students there passionately describing the changes we would like to see made (as we love to do so much on social media) from our new president. But of course, in true Seton Hall student fashion, pretty much no one showed up. This is seems to happen almost every year – we freak out about something, talk about it nonstop online, but then flake once its time to actually let administrators know how we’re feeling. It happened last year when the seniors “protested” the announcement that commencement would be held on campus. A whopping seven students conducted a short sit-in in front of President’s Hall. Now it’s happening again, with what one professor described as “few, if none” taking the opportunity to offer student perspective at this open forum. We get that everyone is busy and that some people’s class schedules may have prevented them from attending, but voicing our opinions about what we want to see in our president is extremely important. The person chosen at the end of this process will be the head of our University and their decisions will directly impact the Seton Hall community. Why wouldn’t we want to give our opinions on what we would like to see in this person? We get it, complaining is kind of fun. It lets out some stress and you feel a little better after venting about whatever annoys you. The presidential search is extremely important for students, though, and we should be taking it more seriously. We know that sometimes there seems like a lot to complain about, but if that’s the case then we need to follow through with our grievances. Let the University know what you want, but please do it when it actually matters. The Voice is intended to best represent the collective opinion of The Setonian’s Editorial Board. It is written by The Setonian’s Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor.


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