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Students enjoy new Writing Center location

[caption id="attachment_15798" align="aligncenter" width="838"]The Writing Center is now easier for students to access. Sarah Yenesel/Staff Photographer The Writing Center is now easier for students to access. Sarah Yenesel/Staff Photographer[/caption] This past summer, the Writing Center moved from its previous location in the Arts and Sciences building room 206 to rooms 304, 310 and 316 of Walsh Library. The Writing Center is a part of the Academic Resource Center (ARC) and visiting for one session is a requirement for English 1201, and English 1202 as well as Basic Skills and Linked 1201 where students are required to attend six sessions per semester. Rachel Bastian, a sophomore English major and a tutor at the Writing Center, said a few students have been confused about the new location. “However, largely the students have approved of the new location because it is more convenient,” Bastian said. “The library is in the middle of campus and people already naturally go there, so I think more students will be inclined to stop by.” Samantha Dyar and Lianne Joseph, two freshmen students, seem to agree with Bastian’s statement. Dyar, a freshman theatre major said, “Moving the Writing Center has not been confusing for me. I do think Walsh Library is a better location because the library is a nice quiet place.” Walsh Library, as well as its surroundings, is a popular area for students and faculty members alike to visit on campus. Joseph, a freshman public relations major, is glad the Writing Center’s new location is more convenient and believes its previous location would have been too out of student’s way. The Writing Center was not handicap accesible before in Arts and Sciences Hall, but Walsh library does have an elevator and fixes that issue. “I can’t imagine the Writing Center being in Arts and Sciences” she said. “The Walsh Library feels like a much more convenient location because it’s more in the center of the campus. I assume freshman go to the Writing Center the most.” Rhania Kamel can be reached at


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