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New Okta tabs added to PirateNet

[caption id="attachment_15085" align="aligncenter" width="838"]Seton Hall has 14 Okta tiles on PirateNet to utilize during the school year. Photo via Seton Hall has 14 Okta tiles on PirateNet to utilize during the school year. Photo via[/caption] The Division of Student Services added three new tabs to the PirateNet Okta page over the summer to make online navigating an easier task for students. The new tabs include “Compass,” “Banner Self Service” and “Student Toolkit.” With the new additions, the Okta homepage has 14 apps students can use. Dr. Tracy Gottlieb, vice president of Student Services, said the Division doesn’t want students frustrated with finding answers to important questions. “We have tried to anticipate students’ questions and bring the answers together in one clear, easily maneuvered space,” Gottlieb said in an email interview. According to Monica Burnette, director of Projects & Planning for the Division of Student Services, “Banner Self Service” is designed to be a place of resource items tailored to registration, degree audit and financial aid. Tamila Gararyo, a junior public relations major, said, “Even though I may not use these new apps I see them being of good use for students in their first year.” “If they (SHU) make it a point for the freshmen to use it then they will probably see the benefits of actually having them better than I would,” Gararyo said. The “Student Toolkit” is a dashboard where students can find information including the academic calendar and the First 56 Days Calendar. The last tab, “Compass,” replaces the Starfish Early Warning System and allows for student and professor communication. The tab gives students the ability to schedule appointments for advising and tutoring. Shaun Holder, a senior social science major, said that he has not used the apps yet but has noticed them on his PirateNet Okta Page. “I think the apps can be beneficial to the freshmen,” Holder said. “But it’s too many apps to look at and they should cut it down to just five apps to make it easier.” The Division of Student Services will be sending out a student satisfaction email on Sept. 18 in regards to the launch of the new apps. Sedria Thomas can be reached at


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