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Where are they now: SHU alum Amanda Boyer

[caption id="attachment_14632" align="alignnone" width="838"]Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyer Photo courtesy of Amanda Boyer[/caption] During her four years at Seton Hall, Amanda Boyer completed five internships, was an active and colony member of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, and was involved in several other clubs and organizations, such as Her Campus, PRSSA, The Odyssey, and The Setonian. “I was always busy, but I would never change that because it gave me different skill sets for my current role and I found people with the same passions as me along the way that became great friends,” Boyer said. Aside from fulfilling her core major requirements, she completed classes in graphic design and marketing. She credits her interest in corporate communications as the motivation for her course diversity. Often for undergraduate students, graduation is the ultimate goal, and Seton Hall is a crucial stop on the train toward becoming a full grown adult. Seton Hall students in particular have an 80 percent job placement rate, which is 20 percent higher than the national average, according to the Seton Hall website. Students who utilize the extensive resources, opportunities and ultimately make the most out of their time at Seton Hall are aptly prepared for success outside of the bubble of sunny South Orange. Boyer is a prime example of using her years at Seton Hall wisely. Her active educational approach and well-rounded campus persona fueled her to obtain her Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Journalism in just three and a half years. She finished in December of 2015 with a pre-graduation job offer under her belt. “In November of 2015 I was offered a job at PVH Corp, one of the largest global apparel companies in the world, as a communications and operations coordinator,” Boyer said. Ultimately, she stayed in that role for about six months with several designs and initiatives implemented and has now moved onto Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company. “I took a content/web analyst position,” she said. “I am currently launching an internal human resources portal and will maintain it. I’m doing internal and employee communications.” Boyer had even previously interned at Novo Nordisk three times in her undergraduate career and fell in love with the company and culture. Aside from her corporate success, she is also venturing toward becoming an official entrepreneur. “On the side, I am currently starting my freelance business in social media, marketing and public relations,” Boyer said. “I am practicing all types of communications.” She said her excitement, vigor, and academic preparation are all the result of her time as a Pirate. “I believe Seton Hall had a major part of my success so far in corporate but it was also my own drive,” she said. “The PR program is one of a kind and nationally accredited. I was able to really practice communications at a young age.” At 20 years old, Boyer’s PR campaign from her introductory PR class was picked “best in show” out of 30 classmates and was partially implemented. “Without this award and recognition from Seton Hall and the organization, The Traveling Guitar Foundation, I wouldn’t have developed the drive I have now for the field,” she said. “The Career Center, specifically Gina Aloe, helped me gain knowledge and internship experience. I’m 22 and have been a part of two major globally recognized companies. I have also decided to pursue my Masters of Arts in Strategic Communication starting in the fall from the College of Communication and the Arts with professional certificates in public relations and organizational communications.” Whether it be the path of further education, job application, or real world experience, Boyer is a perfect example how many paths a SHU education can lead you to. The transition from life in college to The transition from life in college to working woman was difficult, but achievable due to the extensive real world experience she gained in her undergraduate years. She revealed, “To be honest, it was not an easy transition, but it has been super rewarding. I really had to develop myself a routine with work and also continue to develop my professional development.” Boyer said she already learned much from this transition from in and out of the corporate office. “I learned about myself, working with others, collaboration across teams and strategically reaching my and my company’s overall goals.” Boyer’s success after Seton Hall is not accidental nor was it easily obtained. Her hard work and dedication can be wholeheartedly applied to every major and every student. Her advice for incoming students and current students alike is to “Get involved in anything you are interested in, keep up your grades and intern. You’re in college to ultimately learn, so enjoy the ride to get your degree but also make it worth it.” Heather Harris can be reached at


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