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Timing is everything: Consider circumstance when making choices in college

To be honest, I had no idea what to write for my “senior column.” I put that in quotations because every time I say the words “senior column,” I put the little finger quotes up in my head. I guess it’s because this will hopefully not be the last thing I write in my aspiring career in journalism. It also could be because I really can’t fathom the fact that my time at Seton Hall is coming to a close. I feel like I just got here actually. Five minutes ago I was moving into Boland 2-North with my family lugging up all the things I thought I needed for my first year of college. Side note: I later found out I didn’t need a ‘Chip Clip’ for my bags of chips. Thanks anyways Mom. It’s ironic that as I was writing this piece my dad texted me to remind me how close I was to being done with school. Through this past year I’ve never been one to talk about the impending big day—graduation. I’ve put it off time and time again, wishing I was back to calling Boland home with so much time left of college. After the first year it was, “Wow this went by fast, but can’t wait for the next three years.” That turned into, “Jeez, I’m halfway done,” which led to “This is it…senior year,” which ultimately turned into where I am today—in shambles that it’s over. Alright…a little exaggeration but, really? Why did high school feel like it took 30 years? When I left high school, I thought I knew it all. But the past four years have opened my eyes to things I didn’t think were possible. And I owe it all to one thing: timing. Timing is everything. I’ve learned it the hard way through the past four years, but I ultimately wouldn’t be the person I am now without it. As a freshman I was offered an internship with 98.7 ESPN New York. Yes, as a freshman. While the position wasn’t paid there was zero chance I wasn’t taking the job. I knew I needed to build my own brand for the next four years—and I was ready to start immediately. Ultimately, I didn’t take the position, but not on my own accord. I was told by the University that a “freshman could not take an internship for credit before having at least 15 internship credits.” Whatever. The timing wasn’t right for me to take over ESPN. Kidding. Everything happens for a reason and I believe things happen at the time they’re supposed to happen. On a more personal note, the right timing led me to the love of my life. I met her on the first day of class freshman year, but the timing wasn’t right until much later in college. Timing. It’s key. My point is things will happen at the times they are supposed to happen. And that is the mindset I’m taking with me into the real world. We’ll hopefully all land jobs and do great things sometime after school—sooner than later for some, and the opposite for others. But it will all happen for each of us, at the right time. David Heim is a senior journalism major from Roselle Park, NJ. He can be reached at


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