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Student vandalizes off-campus property

[caption id="attachment_14318" align="alignnone" width="300"]Tristan Miller/Staff Photographer Tristan Miller/Staff Photographer[/caption] A Boland Hall resident was arrested for vandalism on Ward Place last week, according to The Department of Public Safety’s crime log. The crime log stated, “SOPD (South Orange Police Department) arrested a Boland Hall resident after a group of students ran onto campus after vandalizing signs and equipment on Ward Pl. near South Orange Ave.” Public Safety Assistant Director Gary Christie said the student was taken to police headquarters to be processed and released, but not without a summons complaint to appear in court. “All of the individuals involved were referred to Community Development.” Christie said. “When the matter is fully investigated they will determine who is prosecuted at the University for violations of community standards.” The SOPD was not available for comments regarding the arrest and acts of vandalism. “Unfortunately, most of these behaviors are the result of intoxication and damage occurs both on and off campus. On campus we have had benches destroyed, statues broken, landscaping and cars damaged. Many times responsible persons are not identified because many of these incidents happen late at night,” Christie said. Students Megan Rafter, a junior broadcasting and visual media major, and Mike Bertolini, a freshman marketing major, shared stories that coincided with Christie’s explanations. “Early in the beginning of the last year my friends and I went to a party at a house in town and there were a couple of kids smoking weed in the corner of the basement. Not to mention the underage drinking that we witnessed too,” Bertolini said. “Another time I was walking to the train station so I could go home and I smelled weed and looked up and saw a couple of kids smoking,” Bertolini said. Rafter’s off campus house was another spot of student vandalism. “One time someone stole my porch light and ripped the wires out. They ended up putting the picture in a group chat as a joke, but one of our friends was in it and told them to return it. They apologized and now we’re actually friends,” Rafter said. Alexandra Gale can be reached at


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