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Sprint to the finish line with tips on fighting senioritis

[caption id="attachment_14137" align="alignnone" width="200"]Seton Hall's Facebook page Seton Hall's Facebook page[/caption] Finals are just around the corner and with nice weather on the way, fatigue and laziness are starting to set in. For those of you gearing up to graduate, this tiredness might be hitting you extra hard and you may find yourself just praying for the end of the semester. It might be tough but we must find a way to finish out strong. If you doubt your ability to do so, here is a how-to guide to survive the end of the semester and beat senioritis. The first bit of advice is to get organized, clear your head and plan the rest of the semester. The end of the semester means handing in final projects, studying for exams and other last minute classroom details to tend to. It will be easier to get these assignments completed if you have everything neat and in order. You can make a to-do list and organize your assignments for each course that you are taking. After you are organized, it’s time to get moving. Some may need a bit of motivation to get going. Find inspiration by going for a walk outside on a sunny day or listening to your favorite music. All the pressure might be starting to get to you so just keep the end goal in mind and take one day, one assignment at a time. You might even enjoy grabbing a bite with a friend and once this is done, enlist this person as your study partner. You can study side-by-side and complete assignments or take turns helping each other with individual assignments. You should also take time to go and visit your professor. Specifically, you can speak with them about any assignments you may need help in understanding. This can also help by showing your professor that you are committed to their class and working dutifully to get everything done. In addition to making sure you submit all your assignments on time and spend the proper amount of time studying, make sure to keep yourself up. Get an adequate amount of sleep and pace your studying sessions. Eat healthy and drink plenty of liquids. You should even try to throw in a little workout to boost your morale and energy. The struggle of beating end of the year fatigue may be a familiar one, but these tips can help you end the semester on a high note. Alexis Hordge can be reached at


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