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Procrastination sensation: Dodge the urge to join

fighting procrastination concept - do it phrase on color sticky notes posted on a cork bulletin board Lack of motivation often leads to procrastination.“I had a 12-page paper to write and I didn’t start it until a week before it was due. I did not start the actual paper until three or four days before it was due because I had to do research first,” Jessica Schaeffer, a sophomore criminal justice major, said. While procrastinating might solve short term apathy, here is a list of reasons of why it will not help you during finals. 1. Final exams and assignments are the last impression your professors get of you so it is important to turn in your best work. 2. Working on the day of a deadline, you could simply run out of time and be forced to turn in incomplete work. 3. Rushing to complete last minute assignments leaves you emotionally drained. 4. When you procrastinate on assignments your commitment to other things lose their priority. 5. You may work well under pressure, but there is little time to edit and make improvements when you are working on something hours before it is due. 6. If you are working on an assignment last minute you lack the time to ask your professor or classmates’ questions. 7. Some assignments could be more difficult than you initially thought and you lack the time to fully devote to understanding the assignment. 8. You finally sat down to complete the paper that you have known about since the beginning of the semester, but just about anything could come up. You may get sick, your computer might face technical difficulties or your professors might assign other assignments that you weren’t expecting, so don’t put it off. 9. Finals week is near and you have to decide between studying, going to class and working on assignments. 10. If you procrastinate on working on papers and studying, you miss out on opportunities to hang out with your friends before break. In the moment it seems like a good idea to set aside assignments, but it will only make your pile of work grow. Your procrastination habits may not be reflected in your grades, but mentally it is not worth the battle. Margarita Williamson can be reached at margarita.williamson@


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