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National Days in the month of April

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="413"][/caption] Not only does April bring us the beauty of spring, but it also allows people around the world to have something to celebrate in the next 30 days. Each day in April is distinguishable, starting with April Fool’s day on April 1, a day to try and play a joke on somebody, the more ridiculous the joke and the longer it takes friends and family to figure it out, the better. April 2  was a day to be celebrated with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch or breakfast and April 3 was a day to live out loud with chocolate mousse for dessert. April 4,  known as National Walk Around Things Day was acknowledged with an air of caution,  avoiding to step on a crack or walking through a mud puddle. The fifth day of the month is a lucky day for all pizza lovers because it can be celebrated by eating pizza for dinner and then the fun doesn’t stop because on on April 6, you can participate in or just enjoy watching a Scottish parade. April 7 means the main drink of the day is beer so whether it is Heinken, Guinness or Corona, have a drink, if you’re of legal age. While, National Zoo Day can be celebrated by going to the nearest zoo on April 8, if anyone has ever wondered what it would be like to choose your own name and see what it would be like then April 9 is the day to do it. The following day can be celebrated by doing activities or just going out for dinner with siblings while on April 11, pets are celebrated so the day can be spent pampering them. April 12 allows for all the grilled cheese lovers to celebrate their favorite food by eating grilled cheese all day and the next day is dedicated to Scrabble so spend it with a group of people who enjoy playing this game. There’s also April 14 which can be acknowledged by going to see a dolphin, if possible or donating to save a dolphin’s life. Then, April 15 is all about taking guesses so it may be someone’s lucky day to guess how much candy is in a jar or take a chance and play the lottery. Additionally, the next day can be celebrated by providing information on health-care benefits for people who need them or just making health decisions in general. It is also the time of year when bats come out and everyone can go see bats whether in a nearby forest or zoo on April 17. While, April 18 means the favorite snacks of the day are animal crackers shared with friends and family, on April 19, hang out with your closest friends and family. The following day can be celebrated by dressing up to look like someone else, it could be someone famous or a friend or relative. For all the poetry lovers, April 21 can be the day to write a poem and carry it around all day. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and it can be acknowledged by planting a tree or a flower and well as taking other environmental decisions and initiatives. National Talk Like Shakespeare Day allows everyone to say things the way Shakespeare would say them on April 23 and the next day can be celebrated by adopting a pet and making them part of a family. April 25 is celebrated by learning more about DNA and how it was discovered and on April 26, go out and enjoy a delicious pretzel. Furthermore, students can gather around and have each one tell a story on the 27th while the 28th is acknowledged by making a blueberry pie for dessert. Also, April 29 can be celebrated by buying a peace rose whether for yourself or someone else and the following day can be celebrated by watching Bugs Bunny cartoons all day or even dressing up like Bugs Bunny. The month of may from the first to the last day comprise of activities and celebrations which can be acknowledged and commemorated as you enjoy spring.    Biljana Simakoska can be reached at


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