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DIY graduation projects bring seniors together

[caption id="attachment_14309" align="alignnone" width="225"]Pinterest Pinterest[/caption] The day that the class of 2016 has awaited is almost here. Seniors are about to take their last final, turn in their last paper, say goodbye to professors and officially close the book on their undergraduate careers. For some, their educational experience is over and the work force awaits. The process of graduation flies by and before students know it, they will have walked around campus for the last time as college students. There are many ways to celebrate this huge milestone. For instance, people have graduation parties or go on trips, but students can honor their college journeys before those activities take place by decorating their graduation caps. Decorating graduation caps for commencement is a way for students to celebrate their undergraduate achievements. To begin the process of decorating a graduation cap, students will first need to decide how they want to decorate their cap. They can start by brainstorming design ideas and themes on a sheet of paper that is the same size as their cap. Different designs and themes call for various materials, but a lot of designs call for a tassel topper, card stock and a hot glue gun. Remember that graduation caps do not have a limit on creativity. Students can incorporate inspiring quotes, thank their parents, reference pop culture, add images depicting the extracurricular activities which they participate in, amongst numerous other style ideas. The process of decorating a cap may seem daunting at first, but there are multiple tutorials online which are detailed enough to help those who struggles with DIY projects. Decking out a graduation cap gives students the opportunity to show off their personal styles and to commemorate their college journeys. A personalized cap makes it easier for loved ones to spot students in the sea of graduates during the ceremony. Through customizing a graduation cap, students have the chance to think outside the box and create something that they can keep forever. Also, students can decorate their dorm room doors. To decorate a dorm room door, they can use construction paper or wrapping paper to cover the outside of their door. Students can also consider creating a graduation countdown to place on their door. Also, students can host a crafting party as an opportunity for their college friends to come together before their lives take them in different directions. Margarita Williamson can be reached at margarita.williamson@


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