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All-Starr intern paints path to success

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="239"] Starr Sumpter's Twitter[/caption] Little did freshman pre-science major, Starr Sumpter, know that one sign-up sheet passed around in her biology class would allow her to start and run her own business at College Works Painting, which yes, does involve painting. After three rigorous interviews, this national internship chooses a handful of interns to invest money in starting their home painting businesses. “You are running your own business so your outcome is how much time you choose to partake in it,” Sumpter said. According to the College Works’ website, interns earn about 20% of the selling price of the homes they paint, which can reward interns to receive $3,000 to $3,500. The program also guarantees a minimum of $4,000 for those who fulfill program requirements. Interns learn many skills through creating marketing plans, gathering perspective clients, calculating estimates, budgeting and hiring painters. Sumpter describes the daily activities at her internship as self-motivated and always different. “A typical day at my internship is never typical because I’m never doing the same thing,” Sumpter said. Sumpter plans on attending medical school to become an anesthesiologist and believes that her College Works internship will still be beneficial in her life and career. She added that the biggest learning points at this internship for a non-business major are the transferable skills learned. “Many people ask me why I do an internship that has to do with running and managing my own business when I want to become an anesthesiologist,” Sumpter said. “This is because I learn communication skills, how to finance and budget and leadership skills which all can be used in any field.” Balancing school and the internship have proven to be the most trying, but rewarding part for Sumpter. According to the Greenfield Online website, 88% of students said that they interned to improve their ability to manage time. Sumpter added that calendars have become her best friend since working at this internship. “I would love another hands on internship, maybe foreshadowing an anesthesiologist to learn more about the medical field,” she added. Nicole Peregrina can be reached at


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