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Spring activities bring a workout

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption] The weather is getting warmer and spring fever is among us all. The warmer the temperature, the more outdoor activities we see on the green. On sunny days, students on the green are throwing a football or kicking a soccer ball, but what activity will give them the best workout? There are many factors to consider when choosing an activity for exercise like the calories we burn and the muscles we work in the process. Ultimate Frisbee is a popular sport played on the green and it burns about 544 calories per hour, according to Calorie Count website. According to a Men’s Fitness article, ultimate Frisbee involves near constant sprinting and a fearless desire to grab the disc whenever it comes nearby. Similar to many sports, the game of ultimate Frisbee carries risks. For instance, diving in ultimate Frisbee may cause nasty abrasions or collisions between players, according to an article on My Active SG website. Also, it is common to see students throwing around a football or playing catch with a baseball glove outside. It’s a laid back experience on the green and not only do you work your biceps and triceps, you also exercise your handeye coordination. Although this activity burns 102 calories per hour, it’s ideal for someone looking for low intensity and to relieve stress, according to Calorie Lab website. “Anytime I’m bored or in a bad mood, playing on the green with my friends helps my mental health,” said Matt Wright, a freshman secondary education major. According to Top End Sports, a popular sport around the world is soccer, which burn 520 calories per hour at moderate intensity and works a wide range of muscles. Leg muscles are constantly exercised, running, kicking, and jumping requires the use of your quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Shaliyah Girdner, a sophomore finance and information technology major, said soccer is her go-to exercise as it’s constant running around, which burns calories, while kicking the ball around works out her legs. Baseball is known as America’s Pastime and with spring in the air and in the midst of baseball season, it’s Seton Hall’s pastime too. Similar to soccer, baseball works a variety of muscles depending on positions. Students playing baseball on the green may be burning up to 360 calories per hour and working their core without even knowing it, according to an article on Livestrong website. The American Sports Medicine Institute said muscle fatigue and injury to the neck and spinal column are risks involved in playing baseball. Pitchers can be disposed to shoulder and arm injuries so students playing baseball on the green should avoid excessive pitching. Spikeball is also an activity that has become increasingly popular in the past few years and is commonly played at beaches and college campuses. According to the website, USA Spikeball, spikeball is described as a team sport played by two teams of two players and a roundnet set in the center and the objective is to hit the ball off the net in a way that the other team cannot successfully return it which means constant running to get the ball, giving you a fun and intense cardio workout. Macarena Solis can be reached at


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