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Professors relive college spring break days

Every year a rite of passage takes the nation by storm. Mid-march to early April, students are preparing themselves for a week of freedom from obligations and requirements. Whether you spend your vacation at the local swimming pool or the Bahamas, every year that time provides a release for students everywhere. However, have you ever thought about what interesting spring break stories the faculty or administration have from their college days? Peter Reader, associate professor of theatre, said during his college years he had a whirlwind vacation with 15 of his dorm room friends. He added that him and his friends traveled in a Winnebago to Daytona Beach for some fun in the sun and after a pit stop to Disneyland, the friends spent their time soaking in the sun parked right on the beach. As young adults, there are times in our lives when we need to spread our wings and live an adventure. Edward Krajewski, instructor in the journalism program, said he went away during spring break in March of 2003 and he was fortunate to attend a trip to Paris with a friend. Krajewski said during the week he was in Paris, the war in Iraq began and he  was able to witness and photograph some of the largest protests that Paris has witnessed. “It was an interesting experience to be an American abroad at a time when the country had a particularly unpopular foreign policy,” he said. A trip that is out of your normal comfort zone opens you up to interesting experiences which could be life changing, but not everyone needs a trip outside of the country to have their life drastically changed. Tony Garcie, director of administration services, said he went on a college road trip with four friends. The group piled into a car to drive down to Miami beach, only stopping for gas, bathroom breaks and snacks and so they arrived to Miami Beach in less than 24 hours to maximize on the freedom they they had. Garcie said that while the trip was memorable, what came of the trip was the real treasure, which was meeting his wife. He said that it is not every day you meet the person you marry on a spring break trip. He added that his ideal spring break vacation would a trip to Tuscany as he recalls reading a book that describes Tuscany as being the kind of place to unwind and have a relaxed vacation. Brooke Crawford can be reached at  


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