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'Average Joe' takes extraordinary step to drop first album

[caption id="attachment_13866" align="alignnone" width="300"]Siobhan McGirl Siobhan McGirl[/caption] Senior Biology major Joe Melillo has always been called to serving others in unique ways. Whether he was running across the country raising over $4,900 for cancer patients, or when he is on duty as a Resident Assistant in the upperclassmen dorms, Melillo helps others through his talents. A new talent is coming to light for Melillo, this time helping college students through music. Melillo will be dropping his first album entitled “Professional Grade” March 31 on all major music platforms. What went into this album is over four years of hard work, writing, and life experiences. “This will be a moment of happiness,” Melillo said. “I put so much care and effort into this, it’s like a child almost. And now other people can enjoy it.” “Other people can enjoy it,” a phrase that resonates with Melillo. His album contains nine songs that together encompass what it’s like to be a college student. Whether he talks about relationships, breakups, or just the uncertainty of being an adult, Melillo hopes all students will feel some sort of connection. “I guess you can say I’m an average Joe, and that means I can connect to everyday people,” Melillo said. Melillo grew up in a house where his family all share their messages in unique, artistic ways. He wanted to find his way of sharing what he thought was important and music was his outlet. Melillo doesn’t want to make a career out of this album, but rather he wants people to feel something when they listen to his music. Melillo actually wants to go into teaching and would love to incorporate music in the classroom down the road, he said. The album ends with the song “I’ll Show You”. This song discusses the uncertainties that lie ahead after graduation, a sentiment that most college seniors can understand and relate to. This will be one of the first times Melillo will have his all of his work shared with a large group of people. Last year Melillo shared one of his earliest songs at an open mic night on campus. He says there was no feeling like it, when the crowd sang along he was ecstatic. When asked what advice Melillo would give to his fans he giggles and is humbled at the notion that he would actually have fans. “If you want to do something, do it. Who cares what people say?” Melillo said. “If it makes you happy, go out and do it.” Siobhan McGirl can be reached at


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