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SHU’s Black Men of Standards combat notorious dating norms

[caption id="attachment_13235" align="alignnone" width="300"]Courtesy of Kayelyn Dyson Courtesy of Kayelyn Dyson[/caption] The Black Men of Standards (BMS) organization, in an effort to combat the current age’s glorification of not dating, held #WhyWasteHisOrHerTime2k16, an open discussion about this year’s new hashtag taking the world by storm. #WhyWasteHisorHerTime2k16 incorporates jokes about how to “play” the game of dating by tricking a significant other into a committed relationship, only to squash this label as soon as the person has given something up like flowers, luxury gifts or dinner. Bryan Louis, a sophomore biology major and secretary of BMS, said he has a concern about the deeper problem that is represented. “Although the hashtag is a joke, there is certainly some sincerity behind each post where somebody got hurt. That is one of the major reasons why this hashtag does not sit well with me, because people have been getting hurt,” Louis said. BMS tried to defuse the social trend in the form of an open discussion. “The event really focused on dissecting the actuality of this phrase; our panel helped us get closer in finding out why do we as people have these unjust ways in wasting each other times,” Louis said. “The experience was interesting. It is great to have talks about things that are current and are affecting the lives of college kids,” said Daniel Brown, a senior sports management and marketing major and member of BMS. “Most of the time discussions like this one get out of control and lack any sort of substance. I think this one shed some good light on the topic.” Of this hashtag, which continues to gain popularity online, Brown said that he thinks the hashtag is rather dumb and it reflects the dating culture in a horrible way. “In order to pursue a man or a woman you have to do so much in this present day and age. People are so unapproachable it makes communication that much harder,” Brown added. Louis said the event was successful because it was formatted in a way for open discussion as attendees were truly able to discuss the topic in an environment where everybody could voice their opinion and both men and women were able to leave that night understanding what goes through each other’s mind. BMS encourages students to attend future discussion-based events, and above all, to “curve” bad social media trends, not your significant other. Kelly Zarnowski can be reached at


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