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Movie-slay your Valentine’s Day

There are various ways to celebrate the good old… or dreaded Valentine’s Day. Are you looking to create a romantic setting for you and your significant other like a Nicholas Sparks’ story? Are you looking to celebrate your solitary independence by learning the right way to be single? Or, are you just looking for a fun night with friends mixing action, comedy and the right amount of horror? This year, movie theatres assure a good time for whichever scenario. For those in the mood for a fun night with a wild premise, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” came out in theatres on Feb. 5, is highly recommended. The film, follows the basic outline of Jane Austen’s classic Victorian tale, but this time there’s a new challenge for the lovers: zombies. This time, Elizabeth and her four sisters are highly trained warriors raised to survive the undead. The mashup is brilliant and the cast is fluid. The film offers plenty of laughs, action and romance and the acting prowess and chemistry of the actors elevates the totality of the plot which immerses you, making the film a success. For the more romantic who’ve enjoyed movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels, “The Choice” is the right choice (pun intended). “The Choice” also came out in theatres on Feb. 5 is the tale of Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer’s rather cliché relationship of hostile neighbors turned soulmates. There is a twist of course, (it is Sparks’ work after all) where the movie ties a knot of sadness around your neck and drowns you whole. An ultimate tear-jerker, “The Choice” follows the same formula of a poignant and life-affirming celebration of love, family and marriage. If there is one movie you shouldn't go without this Valentine's, it's “How to Be Single”. An edgy celebration of the single life, the movie starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson, will be released Feb. 12. The movie, hopefully, delivers on the wit, charm and humor which all single people need during this time of year. Underneath its rough humor and wild momentums, there is an actual story which in a lucid way shows the exploits and heartaches of the contemporary woman. There is something singular about trilogies and although these three movies are definitely not sequels, they individually provide the wholesome satisfaction of Valentine’s Day done right. Perle Desir can be reached at


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