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Hit like a girl? Ronda Rousey inspires girls to be stronger, athletes to be humble

[caption id="attachment_13301" align="alignnone" width="217"]Ronda Rousey's Facebook Ronda Rousey's Facebook[/caption] MMA has always been a male dominated sport, but Ronda Rousey, a mixed martial artist, judoka and actress has fought to change the way society views this intense and brutal sport. The origins of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) dates back to the early B.C. era on almost every continent, according the OC Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts website. According to the website, martial sports were developed for entertainment during peace-time and to keep warriors fit and ready for war time. MMA continues to be a form of entertainment and is now a multi-million dollar industry. According to Rousey’s official website, she is the first Women’s Bantamweight Champion, first US woman to earn an Olympic Medal in Judo, winner of two Espy Awards in 2015 for “Best Female Athlete” and “Best Fighter,” and ranked number two at 135 pounds. Not only is she bringing notoriety to the female world of fighting and currently is one of the most prominent female athletes, Rousey serves as an inspiration to women. “I think she’s awesome,” Jessica Scari, a senior graphic designs major, said. “Seeing her is an inspiration and makes me want to be a physically stronger woman.” “I look at it as her fighting her way to the top and you could look at her as a model for never giving up,” Yvonne Pruitt, a sophomore theatre major, said. Rousey’s career is not only inspirational to females, but many athletes as she provides lessons and examples to all those involved in a competitive sport, industry or field. “I think it’s an inspiration because you don’t see a lot of women seen in this especially in the male dominated field,” Melissa Torres, a sophomore nursing major, said. “She’s a good fighter from what my friends said, but I think it gets to her head that she is so good,” Michael Serritella, a sophomore IT management, said. Rousey has spent her career breaking down barriers, setting records and showing that as long as you fight your hardest anything can be accomplished. Keaghlan Brady can be reached at


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