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Seton Hall Weighs In on Student Diversity

Seton Hall University prides itself in its diversity and the range of students who come from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Currently, according to the Seton Hall website, Seton Hall has a 44 percent diversity rate. This means that 44 percent of the student body identifies as some race or ethnicity other than Caucasian. Alyssa McCloud, vice president of enrollment management, said  30 percent of the fall 2015 freshman class is diverse, while freshman classes the previous two years stood at 29 percent. McCloud said campus diversity has not changed much. “As far as I know and remember, it has always been this diverse,” she said. “Diversity (of the freshman class) has fluctuated between 27 percent and 30 percent.” McCloud says that a diverse campus is “one that has students from lots of different backgrounds – ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, from different parts of the country with different values, a campus that has students from all different walks of life.” Chiara Sabino, senior secondary education and Italian major, said she thought that the diversity rate at the University was at least 50 percent. “Yes, I believe campus is diverse,” Chiara said, “There are several great programs on campus that cater to the diverse population.” Susie Ottomanelli, sophomore occupational therapy major, is aware of the campus diversity. “I feel like we do have a lot of different types of people on campus,” Ottomanelli said. “That’s what makes Seton Hall special: we’re such a small school but we have people from all over the world.” McCloud agrees, “We are very fortunate to have a diverse student body.” Daniela Geraldo can be reached at


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