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New Year, Better you: Make your New Year’s resolutions work

[caption id="attachment_12601" align="alignnone" width="300"]Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Facebook page Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Facebook[/caption] Every beginning calls for new hopes and goals. As a college student, 2016 presents a fresh opportunity to fulfill resolutions that were long forgotten in 2015. Here are some general New Year’s resolutions and realistic advice on how to make them work. 1. Living healthier: Weightloss commercials and fad diets regularly appear. However, dangerous weight-loss methods, supplements and other quick-fixes might not give its consumers proper satisfaction. The key is to understand that a healthy lifestyle does not develop overnight. During the week, when you’re craving a snack in between classes, choose that FiberOne bar from the vending machine or a small salad from the cafeteria instead of another sugary snack. You can also take advantage of the close proximity of South Orange Village and walk with a few friends instead of taking transportation. The more you make these choices, the more natural it will become and the more motivated you will be to make even bigger steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 2. Being fiscally responsible: While it may be fun to spend your money on clothes shopping, the latest gadgets or front row tickets to see Drake in concert, as college students, we should develop decent spending habits. Through better spending habits, the money saved can be used when we really need something or if there is an emergency. A great way to start a fiscally responsible semester is by buying the most inexpensive textbooks. Instead of settling for the campus store prices, reputa ble sites like Amazon, AbeBooks and ValoreBooks provide cheaper options which can be bought or rented and shipped to campus. Through buying or renting E-books, students can also save money. 3. Earning better grades: There is nothing better than receiving high grades at the end of the semester. However, earning high marks isn’t the easiest task. Sometimes you would rather binge watch every season of your favorite television sitcom on Netflix, hangout with your friends or take part in as many activities as possible instead of studying. Nevertheless, if you organize your time wisely, you will not be stuck the night before a big assignment deadline wondering where all your time went. Try turning off your phone for at least one hour every day while studying or join study groups where members motivate one another to get work done and stay focused. Instead of studying in the Cove or on the second floor of the library, try the third or fourth floor or even the South Orange Public Library near the Village where it’s quieter and you will be more inclined to focus. The most important thing to remember when forming your own New Year’s resolutions is that changes in habits or goals take time to achieve. It also helps to get your friends or family involved so that that you have a support system to help make your resolutions work. Small steps in the right direction may not give immediate results, but they will be worth it in the long run. Dominique Mcindoe can be reached at dominique.mcindoe@


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