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Go-to app for college student is Instagram

Instagram is the fifth most popular free app in Apple’s App Store and is popular amongst college students. People around the world use instagram to follow people’s pages, post pictures with captions and add their locations to show where they have been. Users can tag their friends and family, catch up on what others have been doing and stay tuned on their favorite celebrities. In addition to subscribing to the Instagrams of friends and family, people often follow motivational pages— sometimes a fashion blog, others follow music profiles, fitness suggestions, inspirational quotes, cooking blogs, and many others. Erick Wentzel, a freshman chemical engineering major, said his favorite handle is @_steampunk_fashion_.   “I follow them because I obsess over anything steampunk,” Wentzel said. “My favorite part is seeing the different cosplays.”  He added that he found this particular Instagram account by searching for posts which relate to his interest in steampunk. Erin Kelly, a freshman communications major, started following @imnotathirdwheel after reading a Buzzfeed article about the page.   “The account was started due to Peter Alden (the person who is the third wheel) always tagging along with his brother and his brother's fiancé, who is Peter's best friend. He spends a lot of time with the couple and he started photo bombing them. His family and friends thought it was funny so he started the account,” Kelly said.  The pictures feature the couple taking normal photos with Alden who is always somewhere in the background or off to the side.   “My favorite thing is trying to find him in all the pictures. It's always fun seeing where he is. Sometimes he's right there other times it's harder,” Kelly said. Rebecca Stokem, a sophomore english major, said her favorite handle is @unspirational.  This Instagram account uses parodies of inspirational quotes and tweaks them to “dis-inspire” the readers in an ironic manner. For instance, one of the post said, “If you keep following your dreams they’re going to file a restraining order.” Stokem said one of her friends with a similar personality as hers referred her to the page. “We were sitting in my dorm, on a weekend or whatever, and she was just kind of like hey there’s this really funny Instagram, we’re both cynical about the world.”  When Stokem checks the Instagram every so often, she said it always makes her laugh. Alexandra Gale can be reached at


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