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Cam Newton doesn’t care about your senseless hatred

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When athletes are on commercials, it’s usually the same song and dance—30 seconds of sweaty players getting in a workout and talking about how they prove their doubters wrong while flashing the muscles they’ve worked so hard for.
Beats By Dre’s newest commercial featuring Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shows all of this, but in a cleverly relevant way. Newton ends his monologue with a message to his haters. “If giving a kid a football just for a smile, or dancing after a touchdown hurts some people’s feelings, then guess what? Too bad they don’t make Band Aids for feelings.” Some people might think his message is too much, but it’s just enough. Newton guided the Panthers to a 15-1 regular season re- cord, a perfect home record and a trip to Santa Clara to take on veteran Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, all while receiving absurd amounts of hate.
But where does all this hate come from? Could it stem from his theft and eligibility controver- sy back in his college days, his ex- travagant postgame outfit choices, the fact that he named his son “Chosen,” or how much he showboats and rides the Superman card? Race could even be a reason. The world may never know exactly why.
Sure, the crazy dance moves and fashion wouldn’t make sense if he didn’t earn the amount of attention that has been constantly on him. But he deserves as much of the spotlight in the NFL as he can get. The bottom line is that Newton is one hell of a football player and all-around human being. This past season on the field, he racked in 35 touchdowns, 3,837 yards, a Pro Bowl selection and nearly gave the 20-year old Carolina Panthers franchise an undefeated season. He’s a strong MVP candidate, too.
He makes kids smile while he’s on the field, but when he’s not scoring touchdowns and giving them the ball, he’s making deserving kids smile with his charity, The Cam Newton Foundation. The charity works to enhance the lives of youth by addressing their educational, physical and social needs.
At his annual “Thanksgiving Jam,” Newton helped feed 900 kids and held a “dabbing” contest. As a young kid looking for a role model, what more can you want from the quarterback of your favorite team? During the next week and a half until the big game, there will be plenty said about Newton. But the only thing that needs to be said is that Newton and his team earned this coveted spot along with the swarms of attention that come with it. Regardless of whatever the Super Bowl’s outcome is, we can always thank Newton for keeping those who weren’t haters more than entertained this season. Back to that commercial. It’s only fitting that the instrumental audio in the background is from 2 Chainz’s single, “Watch Out,” a song with lyrics that more than accurately pertain to Newton’s life this past season. “You getting mad; I’m getting rich.”   Olivia Mulvihill is a sophomore journalism major from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She can be reached at

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