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This means game: Do’s and Dont’s of flaunting Pirate pride

[caption id="attachment_12343" align="alignnone" width="300"]© Joey Khan Photography © Joey Khan Photography[/caption] Basketball games at Seton Hall University are one of the main events where students can show their Pirate Pride. From what to wear, to what to say, here are the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a SHU basketball game. The best way to show some Pirate Pride at any basketball game is to wear blue, and never wear the rival’s, Rutgers University’s color, red. So, be aware of what school the team is playing against to avoid wearing the other team’s colors accidentally. The other ways to show Pirate Pride is to buy tickets earlier to ensure that you’re able to attend the game. Purchasing season tickets is the best way to do this, and if you attend all of the games you will be refunded $100 you spent to secure your seat every game day. Also, creating posters is another good way to show Pirate Pride, whether it is for a favorite player or just to represent SHU. “My favorite thing about our basketball teams is the amount of Pirate Pride we have and how loud we cheer our team on,” Susie Rosa, a freshman undecided major, said. Motivation is key, so the louder the cheers, the better. Trash talking the other team is not necessarily acceptable, but as spirits rise, people start to get heated. Just remember for the Pirates to be the best, they have to play the best. Anthony Starzynsk, a freshman accounting major who grew up in Maplewood, N.J. his whole life, said he has been attending Seton Hall basketball games for quite a few years now. “The number one rule is you have to stay standing until Seton Hall shoots the first basket. You don’t want to be the person sitting down, while everyone else is standing up,” Starzynski said. Standing in silence is most common when the team is about to make a free throw. Fans’ hands should be in the air and right when the player makes the basket, their hands go down. These motions are to show support for the team and to encourage them to make the basket for the free throw. Also, attending games is always important especially, home games. All students should try to attend as many home games as they possibly can. The most important away games which students should attend is the game against Rutgers University and St. John’s University. These two universities are our rivals and SHU players need as much support at these away games as they can get. However, most importantly, remember to show Pirate Pride so the players get closer to obtaining championship trophies. Kiah Conway can be reached at


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