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The Setonian finals week survival guide

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="401"][/caption] Finals week has arrived and most students are not ready for the stressful days leading up to winter break. The last of assignments are due, presentations are wrapping up and sleep is hard to come by. During finals week, students find themselves studying in the wee hours of the morning and submitting last minute assignments at night. The week is unavoidable, overwhelming and might feel like the longest time during these college years. The struggle is real when students are working through an existential crisis while simultaneously submitting an assignment to blackboard minutes before it is due. There might be a moment where it’s hard to remember a time that didn’t involve cramming for exams, but there are items that students can keep by their side to make it through the long study hours and stressful days. The living space should have items which will help like having basic studying materials such as a flash drive, highlighters, note-cards, pens, pencils, and post-its. Access to coffee and tea is a must to function through the early mornings and late nights. Instead of drinking energy drinks, make sure to drink plenty of water. Students should also keep gum and headphones close by. It seems like a good idea to pull an all-nighter sometimes, but remember that sacrificing sleep can have negative results. Most importantly, keep a pile of snacks nearby. Nuts, fruit, granola bars and yogurt are healthy snacks to keep those brain cells working. Even if breakfast is not your thing, make an effort to try to eat it during finals week to keep awake. However, after a day of working hard, get a small bag of chips and cookies from the cafe as a reward. When it all gets to be too much, a short break or a nap is one way to regain strength and drive. While, writing a motivational quote on a post-it and looking at it throughout the week can be the inspirational push needed. A quote might not always help, but being surrounded by hard-working and positive people can. Students should stay calm and keep in mind that they will be home for the holidays soon, sipping hot chocolate in the comfort of their home with finals week far from their mind. Margarita Williamson can be reached at


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