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Taking charge: Graduate with no regrets

November 19, 2015 was a cold, rainy day that I thought would never end. I woke up and already wanted the day to be over as I sighed knowing that the weekend was near. I just wanted to go through the motions and be on my way. But that was all about to change. Just short of 3:00 p.m., I remember sitting in the library. Finishing up some homework right before class as my senioritis worsened, I received email, made a phone call and suddenly my three and a half years of schooling felt worth so much more than just a piece of paper with my name on it. At that moment, I was offered a job in communications. Something I was longing for the past few months. After being discouraged going into many different interviews I was ready to give up, but then I remembered everything I have learned in my time at Seton Hall. Just shy of 18 I changed my major from education to public relations and journalism. I am still happy to say I made the right decision. At that time in my life, I decided to get involved with anything I could to make it the best experience. I wanted to be able to graduate and say “I did it all” and be able to have a job after graduation. Fast forward three and a half years, I did just that but in the midst of my hectic, busy days I always remembered, “Live in the moment, life is going to pass you by.” I remember the fun memories within everything, from long nights at the library to grabbing dinner downtown with a few friends when my class was cancelled. Completing five internships and a full course load was difficult at times but I continuously remembered my end goal. I am leaving Seton Hall with memories that I will never forget. Some moments that will always stay with me are becoming an editor my sophomore year of The Setonian, colonizing Alpha Omicron Pi and being able to get involved with a variety of organizations like Her Campus and PRSSA. I can remember all these moments clearly, just like the same day when I received my job offer. I want to leave you with one last thing: Take charge of your college career and make it something you will never forget. Do not turn around a month before graduation and have regrets or “I wish I did this” in your mind. Instead, have the mindset of “I did my best.” Who knows, maybe you’ll rewrite the chapter of your college career by making one, single, decision to change. I know I did. Amanda Boyer is a senior Public Relations major from Hillsborough, NJ. She can be reached at amanda.


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