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If you like your dating site served Tinder... Do’s, Don’ts, Fails

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="384"][/caption] As you continue to swipe left on an extensive amount of rejected Tinder profiles, it becomes clear that most people do not treat the dating app as a dating app. Rather, it has become notorious for its wacky profiles, absurd pick-up lines and cheesy bios. The app once had a promising future for engaging young people to meet, but due to changing societal attitudes (and the eccentricity of the profiles) it has declined into a place of mockery. Matthew Lamb, a sophomore broadcasting major, said that millennials increasingly want to have no attachment relationships and this has affected how people view and use Tinder. “Everyone associates Tinder with hook-up culture. It’s a one and done type of thing,” Lamb said. He said he learned first-hand the awkwardness of meeting up with someone on Tinder during his first week of freshman year when he brought a girl to the Cove during open mic night. “A guy was singing uncomfortably loud Screamo into the mic and made it impossible to strike up a conversation with the girl,” Lamb said. After his encounter he learned to avoid going on dates with girls that go to this school. Jonathon Godoy, a junior finance major, said he’s impressed when a girl takes initiative and messages first. “If a girl can message me something funny, in addition to making the first move then it tells me she has a personality,” he said. Godoy also noted to not post a lot of group pictures because it becomes too difficult to decipher who is who. “It’s like playing ‘Where’s Waldo’,” he added. Maura Jones, a senior social and behavioral sciences major, said that in order to use the app safely people need to always make sure someone knows where you are and who you are with. “Watch out for fake profiles because some people use famous YouTuber’s under an invented name to get your attention,” Jones said. She added to always be open to different types of people and personalities because it can lead to fun people to meet. Connor Cadrin, a sophomore biology major, admitted that although he does use Tinder, he never messages girls first because he doesn’t take it seriously. “I swipe right for everyone because like Ash Ketchum from Pokémon I just want to catch them all,” he added jokingly. One piece of advice that he did have to offer was for girls to not post pictures with multiple guys in their profile. Mackenzie Scibetta can be reached at mackenzie.scibetta@student.shu.


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