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Activism can be part of the education process

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption] In this week’s issue, an article discusses the wave of student activism sweeping the nation. It is important for us as young adults to consider protests, particularly those that take place on college campuses, as a valuable part of the higher education process. The college atmosphere offers an opportunity for debate and demonstration beyond that of secondary education. Because Seton Hall emphasizes diversity from an academic perspective through the core curriculum, students are encouraged from the beginning to engage in inclusive discussion. The college atmosphere allows students the potential to seek an education on controversial issues that they might not have been exposed to previously. There is also (hypothetically) more time for students to take a stand and be active in movements that are important to them. Additionally, there is a sense of civic duty that is associated with activism. For political change to take place, there needs to first be activism. The college environment offers a space for activism as well as a space for conversation and education on important issues. The fact that college students have reached a point in their education where they can align themselves with a cause they are passionate about is the ultimate example that knowledge is power, and acting on this knowledge is crucial to establishing a personal identity. Some student activists might even go on to instigate further social change stemming from their initial opportunities in school. Many modern movements, such as Occupy Wall Street, were fueled by young adults who were the product of higher education. Activism can be effective and empowering when it is based on the result of informed discussion on pressing issues. Seton Hall has a long history of student activism on campus, which has not been seen here on a large scale in recent years. In light of events at the University of Missouri and other schools across the country that have been put on display for their demonstrations, it is important to reflect on the ideals we align ourselves with.


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