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No Shave November: What’s your beard type?

  [caption id="attachment_12011" align="alignnone" width="225"]Nisha Desai/News Copy Editor Nisha Desai/News Copy Editor[/caption] no shave 4 Mustaches, goatees, soul patches, chin straps, stubbles and full beards are growing and taking over campus this month. Whether it’s channeling the ‘70s mustache or Drake’s beard, the men of Seton Hall University are not shaving for No-Shave November. But, it’s not just men, women can put down their razors for the entire month to raise awareness for cancer, too. According to the No-Shave November website, the goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. People can get involved by growing a beard, cultivating a mustache, letting those legs go natural and skipping that waxing appointment. “I actually plan to do No-Shave November for a cause. I have people who’ve pledged that if I keep this going then they’ll donate money to a certain charity. Mine is actually going to breast cancer awareness because it runs in my family and it means a lot to me,” George Pavlik, a freshman psy chology major, said. Sam Matino, a senior diplomacy and international relations major, said that the men of a SHU fraternity, AXP, are participating in “Movember” by growing the ‘70s police mustache for the month. The mustache is a distinct expression of representing this cause, compared to the regular beard. While some students are participating to raise awareness about the issue, there are also students who are uninformed. “I honestly didn’t think about it being for a cause because I just thought it was just for guys not shaving for a month,” Mohammed Amer, a sophomore political science and criminal justice major, said. “I think it’s sad that most people don’t even know that No-Shave November has a cause behind it. They just think, ‘oh, yeah, I’m going to do No-Shave November’ to be famous on Yik-Yak and I think that’s ridiculous. People need to realize that there is a cause behind it if they’re going to participate in it,” Janine Dayeh, a freshman political science major, said. This month is a way to embrace an inner mountain man while facing the struggles of keeping the beard clean, maintaining the lines and resisting the urge to purge away the beard. Whether it’s a girl not shaving or waxing or their friend or boyfriend not shaving their beard, the month is for men and women to raise awareness and become educated about cancer and examinations. “I saw a report on Buzzfeed and they were making the guy employees on their staff get prostate exams for No-Shave November which is great,” Nashaba Chowdhury, a sophomore nursing major, said. Students walk around with trendy and groomed mustaches and beards, but there has not been significant discussion about the issue. “I was participating in it, but I think it’s mostly all pop-culture rather than for prostate cancer. All my friends are like ‘oh, No-Shave November, let’s not shave,’ but the talk of cancer hasn’t come up at all,” Michael Thomas May, a freshman diplomacy and international relations major and modern languages major, said. Nisha Desai can be reached at


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