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Invoke the golden rule at the campus jewel: the gym

  [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="436"] Seton Hall Athletics[/caption] The Richie Reagan Athletic Center is the jewel of the campus. The tall glass windows proudly display dozens of students pedaling spin bikes, running on treadmills and lifting weights. Working out can be beneficial and regardless of one’s motivations to go to the gym, everyone must adhere to the same set of general rules. These quick tips can help everyone get the most out of their workout. 1. Leave everything in a better state than when you found it. A simple way to do this is to correctly re-rack your weights and fold your mats after use. 2. Clean the machines with a wipe after you’ve completed your workout and then discard your wipe in the trash cans. 3. Use the cubbies and do not have all of your belongings in the pathway where others are trying to walk. 4. Bring personal headphones – your music is not my music. 5. Only take what you need at the moment so don’t grab every dumbbell you plan on using during your entire workout. 6. Be respectful of people’s space. Do not stand on top of someone because neither of you will be able to maximize your workout. 7. Do not ask how long someone will remain on a machine. There are enough cardio and weight machines, so waiting about ten minutes will guarantee that at least one machine will free up. 8. Don’t judge or make fun of any others around you. Everyone at the gym is working towards a common goal – self-improvement! No one should be made to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable about working out. 9. Respect the people who are already occupying the basketball courts, volleyball courts and track area. They are there to play and work out, not to negotiate. 10. Be polite, and follow the golden rule. When it comes to common shared facilities like the gym, treating others how you want to be treated is the best way to go. If you find something that isn’t yours or see something wrong, speak up and act on it. Heather Harris can be reached at


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