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Emojis and their growing influence on texting

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="403"][/caption] Emojis are the glue to this generation’s conversations through texting. They are the way people are able to express themselves without being face-to-face with each other. Prior to the world of emojis, emoticons were used through a colon or semicolon and a parenthesis, sometimes even using a letter instead of a parenthesis like  :) ;) :D :P. Emojis did not become big until iPhones came out, and then they just kept coming. “I use emojis as often as possible to make my text messages fun. One emoji can take a regular message and make it funnier or cuter than it was before,” Dominique Hamilton-Moore, a junior criminal justice major, said. Emojis can make or break a conversation. They can make a topic more lighthearted or increase emotions of the other person reading the text message. “When I get older, there will be no need for emojis. Once you’re out of college and trying to be more professional both in the business world and in the social world, emojis will no longer be necessary for a person to use. But that doesn’t mean that generations after us won’t enjoy the usage of emojis while they are young,” Courtney Jenney, a freshman journalism major, said. “I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where emojis aren’t relevant. As the generation grows older, the use of emojis will continue on because we grew up with them, as they helped us to convey emotions and express ourselves,” Joseph Vamvakidis, a freshman finance and marketing major, said. If this expiration date on emojis is something that happens, it leads to some questions. What emojis do we need in our life? Are people satisfied with the emojis they have now? Individuals like Vamvakidis, are satisfied with the current update, and don’t know what new emojis they want until the next update comes with a tide of fun emojis. “Silly face emojis don’t exist. I wish there was a duck face emoji, as well as emojis with different hair styles for girls,” Hamilton-Moore said. She added that I would design an app that you can make your own emoji o personalize your text message and certain people make funny faces that are unique to that person and their friend group. A custom made emoji will increase the public interest in using emojis, because if an icon they desire doesn’t exist they can make it. Jenney said she wishes for new emojis were Disney princess ones, and every single sports team having their own line of emojis. “I think girls of all ages would enjoy Disney Princess emojis. Younger girls would enjoy it for obvious reasons, but older girls would love it too because those are the stories they grew up to and the first role models they had as children. The sports team emojis would be love by anyone who is a fan of any sport wanting to show their loyalty and excitement for their team,” Jenney said. Kiah Conway can be reached at


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