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Dangers of Texting and walking on campus

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="446"] Courtesy of[/caption] How many times have you ran into a person while texting? It seems that everywhere you go, you are likely to find someone scrolling or texting on their phone. However, when it comes to traveling safely, it may be wise to look up from the screen. According to a 2014 Healthline News report, accidents resulting from texting and walking can range from bumping into walls to stepping into oncoming traffic therefore no matter how minor or major the incident may seem, a person is at risk of an injury. “Texting and walking is dangerous because you aren’t aware of your surroundings,” Anicia Ramirez, a junior nursing major, said. “You’re solely focused on reading text messages and responding. There are lots of people who walk into one another, walk into poles, or almost get hit by a car because they aren’t focused on what is going on around them.” Diana Wanamaker, a campus public safety officer, said that not paying attention to one’s surroundings can lead to a number of serious accidents, such as falling into a manhole.   A study conducted by Ohio State University said that the number of emergency room visits caused by accidents during distracted walking increased from 256 in 2005 to 1,506 in 2010. The study also said that the increase in the number of accidents coincided with the growing popularity of smartphones. Delaney Winslow, a freshman theater major, said she nearly ran into two people due to texting and walking. According to an Associated Press 2012 report, a smartphone user who was looking down at his phone had slipped and fell onto the train tracks. Even though, the man was not injured, he struggled to climb out of the tracks. There is a risk of running into a hot guy and looking like a doofus said Rachel Petke, a freshman journalism and public relations major. Organizations such as Safe Kids Worldwide are trying to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted walking. According to the Safe Kids Worldwide website, it only takes a few seconds while typing on your cell phone to become distracted. That's why it's so important to put your devices down when crossing the street and spread the word about the dangers of distraction and make your voice heard. Julie Trien can be reached at    


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