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Combat your cold with the dorm room sick kit

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="354"] Courtesy of[/caption] Achoo! More like achoo achoo achoo. Flu season is upon us and getting sick is never fun. Although students can take precautions like getting a flu shot to ward off being put under the weather, flu shots do not always prevent sickness. While resting as much as possible is usually recommended when contracting a cold or the flu, it is often not a realistic option because of class, prior commitments and work. However, students can make sure to drink plenty of fluids and wash their hands. These simple actions are important to be prepared for when the flu unexpectedly strikes. The struggle can be real when trekking down to Rite Aid or the bookstore to purchase items while you are sick so instead, be one step ahead of the flu by making a dorm room sick kit. Your sick kit should contain items that will help make your case of the flu a bit more bearable. Every dorm room sick kit should have medicine such as Mucinex, NyQuil, Tylenol Cold & Flu and Theraflu to relieve flu discomfort. A container of Vicks will help with chest congestion while ChapStick, cough drops and soft tissues are necessary to help soothe the pain brought on by consistent coughing and a runny nose. Aside from medications, a sick kit should have snacks and liquids which will soothe aching throats and upset stomachs. Liquids such as ginger ale can help put a queasy stomach at ease and hot tea can aid a sore throat. Salty pretzels and crackers are good to have to subdue nausea, while doubling as a tasty treat. Also, a brand new toothbrush would be a great addition to a sick kit because once students get better, the old toothbrush should be replaced. An on-the-go sick kit with ChapStick, cough drops, hand sanitizer and tissues will also come in handy when out and about around campus. A dorm room sick kit should also have items that bring comfort when feeling under the weather. A pair of warm fuzzy socks, a favorite movie and a good book are excellent items to keep on hand. Contracting a cold or the flu is not ideal, but your sick kit is sure to hit the spot when sickness strikes. Margarita Williamson can be reached at margarita.williamson@


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