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Beauty, luxury...Yoni

  [caption id="attachment_11918" align="alignnone" width="300"]© Joey Khan Photography © Joey Khan Photography[/caption] The sun always shines brighter on the other side of the train tracks. Well, actually Seton Hall is a pretty sunny campus, except for those dreadful rainy days that not only pop those umbrellas open, but pump up the frizz factor too. But brace yourself! A cure for all of your mane misfortunes radiates just beyond the South Orange train station. From across the Hudson and before that overseas, Yoni Kreger Salon is to open its doors and offer a seat in the styling chair to the South Orange community… Pirates welcome! With the YGallery Salon, offspring of Yoni Kreger Salon, residing in trendy, chic SoHo, “Yoni Kreger Salon aims to bring style and luxury of SoHo to the beautiful people of South Orange,” Yoni Kreger, creator of Yoni Kreger Salon, said. “Despite all the dynamism and growing commercial and cultural activity of South Orange, there still lacks a fashion-forward, unisex, full-service hair salon that caters to women, men, and children of all hair types,” Kreger said. “While my particular specialty and expertise is with curly hair, our stylists are fully trained to work with hair of all textures, and personalized to suit the individual client’s lifestyle.” Kreger describes his salon as “energizing luxury, but at a price that won’t leave you feeling guilty.” Kreger said his SoHo salon is artsy and edgy, but the establishment coming just down the street will still reflect his commitment to cutting-edge fashion and trends, but places a greater emphasis on luxury and relaxation. “I don’t want ‘getting your hair done’ to be one more thing to check off your to-do list,” Kreger said. “I want you to really indulge yourself at Yoni Kreger Salon.” From complimentary wine to the aromas of Kreger’s own Yoni Kreger Silk Road Hair Care line, he wants his clients to enjoy the entire experience. Sounds quite like star treatment: in fact, you can walk out of this salon feeling like a star or possibly being one. Kreger has a growing list of celebrity clients. At the age of 24 his first hairstyle claim to fame was upon the head of a head lady: the wife of Israel’s then prime minister at his first Yoni Kreger Salon in Tel Aviv. On stage, on the smaller screen, and even on the Red Carpet, Kreger has worked with Rita Ora, “Broad City’s” Abbi Jacobson and model Hofti Golan at his SoHo salon. Your resume doesn’t have to be star-studded to take a seat in this lap of luxury or to beckon much sought after beauty procedures. Tap those color treatment brushes on the vanity for a beautiful drum roll… Kreger said he looks forward to offering SHU students special deals and Yoni Kreger Salon will be participating in the Pirate Gold program. Shout out to all you curly-haired individuals, who Kreger refers to as “curlies.” Yoni Kreger Salon will be offering special curly hair promotions, as it is his specialty. Don’t take off down the street just yet! Kreger said he is looking at a soft opening in mid to late January, right when SHU students flock back to campus. He plans for a grand opening fashion show and after party in the Spring. As a South Orange resident, Kreger said he fell in love with the warmth, beauty, culture and vibe of the town and knew it was the place he would call home for a new salon. “There is no other community—that we encountered, anyway—that has South Orange’s particular blend of cosmopolitanism and culture, while still fostering a strong sense of community and support of local businesses and arts,” Kreger said. “Immediately we knew this was the place—not just to raise our family—but where my style and vision as a hair designer and educator will be appreciated and hopefully thrive.” Michelle Foti can be reached at


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