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TV broadcasts slanted news for better ratings rather than newsworthiness

thecurrentlogo-01 Trump. Trump. Trump. Womp. Womp. Womp. No, this is not another article solely focusing on a loudmouthed, world-class egomaniac businessman who has transformed in notability through statements like “I’ve made a lot money in my business” to “You’re fired” to “I will build a big wall.” The concern here is how news outlets have exclusively focused on politicians like Donald Trump and many insignificant matters compared to more important issues. The transparency in news revenue based on viewership is clear through what organizations project. This issue has brought me to one conclusion: news has become excessively SLANTED. Yes, the big, bad “s” word is ruling the media world. What is the cause of it being slanted? News organizations have increasingly become about viewership, ratings and profit which ultimately stems from appealing to the public. For some, it may not come as a shock that several news organizations have indiscreetly or openly expressed a biased view on issues and established either a liberal or conservative stance. Additionally, it might not be a surprise that it felt like for the longest time a majority of news organization’s channels, websites, newspapers and social media sites were bombarded with Trump. The focus has become about entertaining to make profit rather than informing. So, yes, slanted. When did this establishment of informing the public of relevant community, national and global issues become solely about increasing viewership and making money? News organizations are for-profit groups, but there needs to be a change. It might seem like I’m channeling a Bernie Sander’s type of progressive mentality by saying there needs be a major transformation, but without this type of thinking, we, as Americans and especially as college students, will continue to accept ignorance in terms of important current affairs. According to an article on the website, Political Wire, Sanders said that we need fundamental changes of the establishment, whether it is the economic establishment, the political establishment or the media establishment because it is failing the American people. Now, I’m not saying that every politician’s policies and statements are unarguable, but he makes a point in that there needs to be fundamental change in the media establishment. There are many college students and a fraction of our society who would rather solely read about the affairs of the Kardashians, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj than be informed and engaged in dialogue about national and global news. Yet, the sad part is that new outlets continue to cater to this to make profit. It’s easy to immediately scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be updated about the latest trends, but when it comes to scrolling through news outlets’ Twitter pages, what irks me is the blatant disregard to keeping an unbiased and balanced listed news stories, where it seems one issue is more important than another. This issue not only concerns today’s public, but future generations. When will it start being about providing the public with diverse and balanced news rather than how to get more viewers and higher ratings? There needs to be less focus on viewership by news organizations so this competition amongst them can be about what journalism is all about: informing the public. Nisha Desai can be reached at


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