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SHU to ride the ‘next wave of influence’ with The Gramlist

[caption id="attachment_11336" align="alignnone" width="267"]The Gramlist's Instagram The Gramlist's Instagram[/caption] The Pirates have flowed with “The Current,” but can they ride the wave of social media? Rolling in the tide is a company curated around the increasing influence of Instagram: The Gramlist. Celebrating emerging and authentic talent on Instagram, The Gramlist seeks to surface the new and undiscovered, Kathryn Tatulli, a senior public relations major and social media editorial intern for The Gramlist, said. The Gramlist, founded by Brandon Perlman, co-founder of StyleCaster, portrays messages through photos and seeks to ignite discussion on the next big media craze, Tatulli said. Thus far, The Gramlist’s client list includes a few recognized names, including Oakley, Samsung and Foursquare. Fulfilling the duties that Tatulli’s title position entails, she seeks out Instagram accounts which are worthy of attention, delving deep into communities that surface through well-known accounts and hashtags #ofcourse #hashtag. “I collect influencers to create a brand of talented individuals who showcase a strong voice in that said location, basically,” Tatulli said. “Scout the next wave of people who have talent and are visual storytellers of the environment; the research aspect is completely on my end of things.” An “influencer” is an Instagram account that matters, Tatulli noted, or in other words they are cool stories to look at every day. Tatulli’s Instagram browsing has led her to the campus of blue and white as The Gramlist is to feature Seton Hall as its first editorial on college life, Tatulli added. “The Gramlist is showcasing the appeal of what a student at Seton Hall can experience,” Tatulli said. “We want to endorse Seton Hall as a campus worth national conversation, and start a trending campaign on campus of influential users.” The project’s objective is to offer a glimpse of what it means to be a Seton Hall student through the lens of campus trends and interests, including clubs and organizations, Greek Life, athletics and what it means to have an identity at SHU, Tatulli noted. “We want to discover what drives these values and motivations within the University through our influencers,” Tatulli said. Thus far, Tatulli said 60 SHU student accounts have been selected as potential influencers, but only 10 will be featured in the editorial, and will remain undisclosed until the editorial is live. The company is two months old, but its social media editorial intern has a bright vision for the future of The Gramlist. Beyond inspiration for subscribers, Tatulli said she envisions bringing influencers to other media sources that align with the character of their account, including Buzzfeed and Cosmo. “The goal is to inspire people to become of this visual craze, and to showcase the next generation on a mass media scale,” Tatulli said. “The vision is to take on what people have not discovered to create the trend you want to follow.” To see if you, your friends or the kid who sits next to you in philosophy class made The Gramlist, visit #crossyourfingers Michelle Foti can be reached at


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