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Prohibited in dorms? Find Substitutes!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="414"][/caption] While Seton Hall University wishes to give students as much freedom as possible, there are many prohibitions on-campus especially in dorm rooms. The items banned in dorms are to ensure students’ safety. Some of the banned products include fireworks, broilers, hot plates, bed raisers and open coil appliances, but as the semester goes on, many students feel the need to have these items. “Some things which I really would love to have in the dorm room are the decorative lights, candles, hotplates, upholstered chairs, multiple plug outlets as outlets are limited and allowing any light bulb would be nice as the ones required are really cold," Allegra Berg, freshman diplomacy and international relations major said. The most common items which students wish to have are candles and incenses. The majority of residents find lighting a candle while studying can help boost their concentration. However, students are also worried that once they blow out the candle, the candle will release smoke resulting in setting off a fire alarm. Another common product that students wish to have is hot plate. Cafeteria food, seven days a week can be somewhat tiring and undesirable. Through having a hot plate, a student can cook or even have fun in attempting to cook. However, since hot plates are prohibited in dorms, many students are unable to cook for themselves.   “ I wish our school will allow us to have international converters so I can use the curling iron that I bought from China,” Yifan Sun, freshman diplomacy and international major said. This item, along with many products are uncommon, but necessary for some SHU students. There are still many ways to solve the issue of forbidden items at SHU. For residents who wish to have a scent that can help boost concentration while studying, they can purchase air freshener sprays or purchase natural scent producers such as lemons or lavenders. Essential oils can also release scents that will help with concentration and relaxation. Students who wish to have a hot plate to cook can find friends who commute around campus and visit their house where there is sure to be a stove. Finally, for the international students who own products which are not compatible with U.S. appliances can try to sell them online. Help ensuring safety on campus is essential. Although it may be a little unpleasant to live without some of the prohibited products, there are still ways to ease the need for those items through substitution. Yilin Du can be reached at


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