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SHU Opening Week: Meeting your roommates

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="418"] Courtesy of[/caption] Beginning college or even a new semester can be filled with excitement and anxiety, especially when it comes to meeting your roommate for the first time. This is the person who will witness your full-fledged freak out sessions during finals and will continue to share a small living space with you throughout the year. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, but there are some easy ways to make meeting your roommate as effortless as possible.         Communication is one of the key and initial steps to take when you get the name of your roommate(s). Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or via email, you should speak to your roommate before moving in because you want to already have some familiarity. If you go in completely clueless then you will not know what to expect. Communication with your roommate during the summer is also important because you don’t want to show up on move-in day with two microwaves and no refrigerator. Plan what each person is going to bring to avoid any mishaps or confusion. Also, discuss who will bring the television, cleaning supplies and lamp if you live in Cabrini, The Complex or Aquinas.         However, communication isn’t the only essential thing in helping to get to know your roommate. Compromise and understanding will help. Early in the semester, it is important that you speak up and express your likes and dislikes to make sure the rest of the year goes smoothly. If you like to be asleep at a certain time, speak up. If you value cleanliness, speak up. Through communication and compromise, you and your roommate can reach an understanding of how to live with one another.         Also, take your Roommate Agreement seriously. Essentially this is a contract that establishes boundaries in regard to your roommate and your belongings. It might be awkward to establish quiet hours and cleaning schedules with a person you’ve just met but it is for your benefit. As long as you are ready to compromise and be polite, filling out the Roommate Agreement will be a breeze. It could also be used as reference if things get off track with your roommate.         The last and most important thing to keep in mind when meeting your roommate for the first time is respect. In all of your interactions with your roommate, be kind and treat them how you want to be treated. Respect their space, emotions and opinions because it could definitely prevent arguments and disagreements in the future. Happy Living! Ryanne Boyer can be reached at


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