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Fall Fashion: Try sportswear

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360"] Courtesy of[/caption] SHU, look out! There is one hot trend that is scoring a lot of attention, not on any of our playing grounds, but all over our campus crossings. It’s athletic, yet it’s femme. Traditionally casual and made elegant, sportswear is taking on a whole new meaning and on a lot more locations.     The time has come where you can rock your favorite sporty pieces in the classroom, the office or a night out.     The most essential is the classic jersey. Save the red, white, and blue Eli Manning’s or Peyton Manning’s apparel for Monday Night Football.   Instead, snatch jersey inspired mesh shirts in neutral tones which can be easily paired and worn in a number of ways.     Long or short sleeve tied with zipper accents or striped cotton collars and wrist bands, these tops look super cool with a tank top and with a large centered number, jersey style, worn underneath which allows for a reverse jersey effect. Baseball jerseys, in similar colors can also make any look playful. The jersey, worn open with a solid tank or a crop top for the cooler days makes for one undefeated look.   What do I wear them with? The football-like tops can be paired with black or blue ripped denim and a pair of stilettos for a simple vibe with a lot of contrast.   Fashion daredevils, it could be that perhaps a pair of leather pants or leggings emerges from your tiny dorm room closet for a fresh breath of fall, but save that look for the weekend.   A pencil skirt will do for your work and interning days.   For the love of baseball pants, why just settle for a baseball inspired top when you can get an #ootd close enough to the whole uniform? Mimic the cinched polyester look with a pair of leather joggers. We’re going to ditch the cleats and instead choose a chunky sandal or platform low-top sneaker. To really rock these looks, you have to hit a grand slam in the accessories and glamour department. A bold lip will amplify the overall girly look while a shiny watch and favorite charms will add a delicate touch. As for your tote, a clutch with a loud pattern or rockin’ design will look perfect with a pant ensemble whereas a mini backpack is a great match for the pencil skirt. It’s all about the contrast… couldn’t you imagine Miranda Priestly saying that?     Michelle Foti can be reached at


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