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Democrats, Republicans, Politicians...and Generation Y

thecurrentlogo-01 People say Donald Trump is loud and arrogant, but aren’t all politicians braggarts in their own customized ways? Politicians are similar to little children who haven’t had their afternoon naps. They can be highly persuasive in getting their way once enforcing their own personalized temper tantrums rather than listening to and understanding others. Now, I’m not saying that they’ll scream and cry, but they do know how to fight back using what I call their political superpowers. Unlike most children however, they are protected by power, money and prominence. And they sure know how to use what they have. But what does this mean for us college students? Keeping up with politics may be confusing, especially to college students who are newly exposed to it. Politicians have a way of sometimes saying the simplest of things in the most complex ways. What adds to the confusion is when you don’t have adequate knowledge about certain issues, which are constantly being discussed. Elections are coming up and there will be a new president making history. While this will mark an important part in history for the nation, it also marks a significant part in our young adult lives. As college students, you have at least heard once in your life that voting is important. But at the same time you might be ignorant, apathetic or unwilling to vote for various reasons. This apathy is often a result of miseducation about the basics of politics and how it affects and shapes our survival. Once you start becoming more aware of what is going on in your personal world, the world around you and the world of politics, it becomes easier to make a decision regarding your political affiliations, therefore impacting who you may one day vote for. The four years of college will determine specific parts of your life, especially if you are entering the “real world” soon. The next president can alter your life if new legislation or actions are put into effect, which is why being more aware of the issues now is important. Every candidate deserves a critical eye, with the ones providing opportunity as a solution at the top of our voting list. If you’re too busy to read an article or watch a political speech then I recommend following a news channel or a politicians’ account on Twitter to learn more about the political playground. Twitter and Facebook are filled with pages and people who discuss social issues and political matters. Personally, I learn a lot about politician’s beliefs and our country’s issues when scrolling through my Twitter feed. And it really doesn’t take much effort. Campaigns are filled with well-constructed speeches and debates, but they are also paired with poor makeup and bad hairspray that can’t even keep Trump’s hair together. So don’t worry about achieving an immediate understanding of every political candidate’s policies. With time, you will learn and maybe even care. In the meantime, exposure is key to gaining some knowledge about our nation’s direction, as well as your beliefs. Nisha Desai can be reached at


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