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College of Communication banner unveiled

[caption id="attachment_10880" align="alignnone" width="311"]Anna Griffin/ Assistant Photography Editor Anna Griffin/ Assistant Photography Editor[/caption] The recently formed College of Communication and the Arts unveiled its banner at the freshman convocation on Aug. 30. The new banner follows the same University template all banners of Seton Hall’s colleges use. Program Chair and associate professor for Art and Design, Christine Krus, created the design coordinating the three different parts of the college to three different colors—grey, white and pink. Deirdre Yates, Interim Dean of the College of Communication and the Arts, explained what the banner’s colors signify. According to Dean Yates,  grey represents Broadcasting and Communication, white—the Arts, and pink is for Music. “I was responsible for the color-blocking pattern only,” said Krus. “As mentioned by Dean Yates, the colors were predetermined (by the University’s banner template).” Erin Kelly, freshman communication major, says she is thrilled to be a part of the new school. “All of the professors seem to be passionate about their jobs and are very excited about the new college,” said Kelly. Despite Kelly’s enthusiasm for the new college, she holds a different opinion about the college’s banner. “Seeing it at convocation with the banners of the other schools and then seeing the silver, white, and pink at the end bothered me,” said Kelly. If Kelly could redo the flag she would take a different approach, “If the banner was one solid color with the other two (colors) used for the print, I think it would be better,” said Kelly. Lauren Lowe, senior communication studies major, does not have a problem with the graphics of the flag, but says some of the colors are a little off. “I think that the grey silver color is pretty accurate since broadcasting and news is more neutral in terms of stance (since that’s what you learn in any journalism class),” says Lowe. “The pink does not really strike me as artsy or music-related at all.” Some Students are recommending hanging the banner in or above Fahy Hall, the home of the department. “Probably Fahy Hall,” said senior public relations major Thomas Cilmi. “That’s where the majority of the communication students have their classes.” Vincent Latorraca, senior communication studies major, parallels the importance of his major with the flag. “Especially for a new school already in an established university the flag is key; I think it represents a sense of belonging and power because communication is such a powerful tool,” said Latorraca. Alexandra Gale can be reached at


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