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20 things to do when you miss the train

[caption id="attachment_11042" align="alignnone" width="557"]Graphic made by Natalie Rebisz Graphic made by Natalie Rebisz[/caption] Give yourself a round of applause. Those malicious steel train doors have shut right in front of your face, but the good news is that you weren’t absent-minded enough to stick your arm between the doors to try and stop the train’s vicious mechanization. Stuck at the train station, all alone standing in your fancy interning shoes and blazer…bummer. Or is it? Rather than twisting a missed train into a series of unfortunate events, use those 34 minutes to your advantage. 1. Immediately look up the train schedule and find the next train that will bring you to your destination. Be mindful of the departure time, we don’t want a repeat of that event. 2. A snack will help the time pass so there is bound to be a Starbucks, Dunkin’ or Auntie Anne’s nearby. 3. This is a good time to get organized so pull out that planner and see what the rest of the week brings. 4. Check your email. Delete all of those sale notices you have missed and be sure to read the Public Safety messages because you don’t want to miss the SHUfly too. 5. One word: Instagram. 6. Call your mom, dad, sister, grandmother or roommate. Spare the search party a trip and let them know you’ll be late. 7. Update your playlist to make all future train endeavors enjoyable. 8. Read up on current events— this could come in handy for your next class discussion. 9. Visit BlackBoard and check out your grades which, hopefully, will not let you down like the train. 10. Get all of those gum wrappers, tissues, crumbled pieces of paper and mystery purse/backpack lint out of your bag and into the trash. 11. Peruse the internet for some holiday wish list inspiration (it comes faster than you think). 12. Make a list of places you want to go to. We all know when the time comes, they escape you. 13. #MissedMyTrainSelfie 14. See what’s going on with SHU’s events calendar. 15. Look up new workout routines. If it looks like it’s going to hurt, pin it. 16. Girls, continue to plan your wedding on Pinterest. Guys, do you even have Pinterest? 17. Plan tomorrow’s #ootd. 18. Google yourself…this could be fun. 19. If you dare remove your earbuds then make a friend, but remember these words: STRANGER DANGER. 20. Your train is here, now get boarding! Michelle Foti can be reached at


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