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The Current: 70s Trends

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="650"] Courtesy[/caption] Cue the Miranda Priestly voice: "It’s all just so…drab." Throwing it back to Spring 2015 runway collections with bell bottoms, ill-fitting blazers and depressing colors may have looked familiar to you--like those pictures in a photo album that your parents had shown you. Just in case you were wondering, the photo quality has nothing to do with that shade of yellow…it is mustard, a color no article of clothing should be made in. EVER. The worst part is these trends have carried over into fall, so look out they may be coming to a classroom near you. Without further ado, seventies trends are a thing of the past and should stay…in the past. With the exception of fringe. I will admit I do like fringe. But avocado green, tiger lily, antique red, mustard yellow, chocolate: these colors are just sad. I look at them and instantly feel like (a.) it’s a fashion felony and (b.) lethargic. And when they are swirled into geometric patterns that are dizzying at a glance, it looks as if you have wrapped yourself in a shower curtain. Maybe you didn’t know what to wear so you picked up the rug and threw it on. Better yet, the curtain that was in my great grandmother’s kitchen. The seventies marked the rise of feminism. Women were rising to power internationally, while Argentina appointed its first women president, the United Kingdom welcomed their first female Prime Minister. Likewise, women today are on a continuum of the up and up, as their fashion should forever be. We need to rule like a boss and dress like a lady. As modern ladies, our clothes need more structure consisting of clean cuts and perfectly hemmed corners. We need clothes that fit us rather than drown us and pant suits (although I would always opt for the pencil skirt) that flatter, not conceal. We need eyeliner that accentuates and comes to the perfect wing—but you know what they say, liquid eyeliner can sense fear—not eyeliner that looks like what is left after a plunge in the pool. Wipe that chlorinated, drippy look away with the towel of 2015, where we are stepping out in our modern day, chic style all our own. Mom, you did the 70's well, but watch how I do 2015. Michelle Foti can be reached at


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