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2015 Editor in Chief parts ways with 90 years

As I look back on the past year as Editor in Chief, I am proud of what the paper has accomplished. Everyone on The Setonian has honed their skills to write, report and find stories. We have veered away from student gossip and complaint and published a paper that is factual and balanced. I could not have imagined a better year to wrap up the Setonian’s 90th anniversary. It is amazing to think of the Setonian being around for 90 years, and too, to think I am one of the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to lead it. Being an editor was not only challenging and rewarding but life-changing and I will always cherish my memories on the paper as the best of my college career. Although I may not get as much sleep or party time as everyone else, I was able to learn so much. I was taught not only newspaper skills such as editing and design, but life skills from all the people I was able to be in contact with. I became closer with administrators than my own peers and it is an experience that was truly unique and rewarding. I learned how each department and office on this campus operates through the many articles I have written. I was even offered a tour of the underground tunnels beneath campus (yes they are real!). I was able to talk to students from all walks of life and report on important topics affecting our community. One story in particular I am very thankful I was able to cover was the Jessica Moore murder trials, held in Newark. It was really eye-opening going there and seeing how her tragic death had so deeply touched the heart of the University community, as Seton Hall students were present to testify. I was happy to be able to tell their story. I am happy to have served as the voice of the community for the past four years and to have reshaped the way The Setonian and administration have communicated with each other this past year. I hope, and know judging on who is taking over, that this good working relationship will continue. I hope, if for nothing else, I am remembered by future Setonian editors as someone who strengthened the interaction between the campus newspaper and the community, who we are ultimately here to serve.


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