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University's expansion encouraged

Seton Hall’s expansion is far from over. With the proposal of a school of medicine under the University’s belt, the Department of Communication and the Arts came together to discuss the possibility of a school all its own, as well. What this means is that the department wants to branch off from the College of Arts and Sciences and blossom into its very own school.

While it may not mean a brand-spanking new building for the department, it could mean growing further as an institution of education. It could open doors to more full-time professors within the department (which it desperately needs), better resources, better equipment and of course more opportunities. The department already boasts that its students graduate with numerous, brand-name internships.

Why not boast a new state-of-theart (fingers crossed) college? Communications Professor Thomas Rondinella told The Setonian that they’ve “reached capacity as a department.” Once something has reached its capacity, it’s hard to improve and grow – all the more reason to expand the department. Not everyone is on board with this decision, though.

The other departments may not want the communications and the arts department to leave, but in truth all departments will only reap benefits. If communication and the arts leave, the remaining departments will have more resources for research, fellow-ships, lab equipment, professors and much more.

This is a good thing across the board. Not only would a new school be great for all departments, but the University will also benefit. A new school can up its notoriety and prestige, making it even more attractive to prospective students than it already is. An independent medical school plus an independent school of communications and the arts will only increase diversity and interest in prospective students.


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