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You know you're a SHU student when...

Every college and university offers a fundamentally similar four years of education. By the end of their four years, students will feel a sense of independence and responsibility. They will be living on their own and making important decisions firsthand because this newfound independence is a basic part of the American college experience.

Despite this sameness of campus traits, many things set Seton Hall apart from the other 7000 colleges and universities in the country.

You know you’re at SHU when:

-You see people actively going out of their way to avoid the seal in the center of the Green.

-You can get from one end of campus to the other in about 10 minutes.

-There’s a winding line in Dunkin’ between every major passing period.

-Study hubs for finals include the library, the Cove, the fourth floor of Jubilee, the living room and every available classroom.

-You know at least a handful of people in every class related to your major.

-You have two or more classes with the same professor and know basically every professor in your department.

-12 p.m. classes are canceled monthly for mass.

-You say hi to Father John at least once a day on the way to or from class.

-You know the Gourmet Dining Service workers from your favorite stations in the caf.

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-You make friends at the SHUfly stops while waiting to be transported around South Orange.

-You save all your food related shopping for Sunday so the SHUfly can take you to Target and Whole Foods.

-You have public safety’s number on speed dial for getting back to campus on late nights.

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