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Wanderers be wary: stay safe in South Orange

Recent arrests off-campus have brought up the issue of safety, as it usually does sometime during the academic year.

What students need to remember is that when they go outside of the University gates, they may not be safe, even if they take precautions.

The most recent robbery and assault happened to a group of four students. Even travelling in groups, as the University recommends, students may not be entirely safe, which is why students need to be extremely mindful of where they go and what they do when they leave the security of the campus.

Dr. Tracy H. Gottlieb, vice president of Student Services, said the University has increased its measures to keep students safe, which is Seton Hall’s priority.

The SHUfly hours and the SafeRide hours have been extended, according to Gottlieb.

She said the reason most students do not want to take either transportation services is because they do not feel like waiting; however, she said, if someone calls a cab, "Guess what? You have to wait."

It is ridiculous to assume the SHUFly or SafeRide does not run into traffic problems that throw off their schedules. Or that they do not have other students that need to be picked up.

If students want to be treated as adults, they should think like adults. They cannot expect transportation services to revolve around only one person.

The SHUfly and the SafeRide do a good job in getting to their designated stops in a timely matter, but they are not magic, therefore they cannot teleport over cars and streets.

If you want to be safe, call the SafeRide, take the SHUfly, even in pure daylight. Be responsible adults about your own safety. If you live outside the "zone," consider parking on campus and catching a ride on the SHUfly from here.

It may take longer to get to where you’re going and back, but you will come back with your money and your phone.

The University can only do so much once you leave the gates. The rest is up to you.

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