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What we can all learn from the Crime Log this week

Does someone just wake up and think "I really wanted to have a food fight in high school, but never did" or "What can I vandalize today?"

Crime is inevitable. Acts of defiance big and small happen on college campuses and in cities all the time.

Sometimes, though, the Crime Log really speaks volumes.

Marijuana in a residence hall: this one happens more often than it should.

Besides the fact that marijuana is illegal in New Jersey, it is certainly banned on-campus. How are you in your second semester here and still unaware of the reasonably strict fire code?

The same general rules go for alcohol.

It is illegal to be consuming if you are under the age of 21.

The campus has alcohol-related rules, even for 21-year-olds.

Drinking in the open on University transportation is not the best way to avoid getting caught.

Two instances of vandalism were reported this week. No one knows how many went unreported.

One is a lot less than the other, but still: why would you grab a marker and draw on the doors and bulletin boards?

All you do in that case is make more work for the resident assistants and cleaning staff that work around the clock to ensure you have a nice place to stay.

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As for the swastikas on the new parking structure: one, why would you want to ruin something nice that is not even finished yet?

Two, prejudice and intolerance of any kind is antiquated, closed-minded and disturbing.

We can only hope that this was not done by a student.

While some of these crimes may be funnier than others, none of them are laughing matters.

We are taught better than this.

The University is invested in making us into educated, well-rounded adults.

These actions are all the furthest thing from mature. Be the bigger person.


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