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Haunted House 2' scarce on laughs, originality

Writers Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez are back in theaters spoofing all the horror films of the past few years. "A Haunted House 2" premiered April 17.

After surviving the events of the first film Malcolm Johnson, played Marlon Wayans, has found a new girlfriend named Megan, played by Jaime Pressly. The couple moves into a newer and nicer house in the suburbs with Megan's out-of-control teenage children Becky and Wyatt, played by Ashley Rickards and Steele Stebbins.

As soon as they move in Malcolm installs hidden cameras in the house, and all of a sudden the paranormal occurrences begin. A doll straight out of "The Conjuring" comes along and stalks Malcolm, a talking box starts ejecting bugs and the demon from "Sinister" shows up to do some weird and frightening stuff.

This film seemed to be nothing but a newer version of what the creators filmed a year ago. Alvarez and Wayans took a different direction to make this film more funny and entertaining than the previous one, but the movie was nothing out of the ordinary. The jokes are about literally anything you can think of, whether it was a scream, pulling a face off of someone, a creepy doll, or a flop of the floor. The plot seems to be irrelevant in the storyline.

There is nothing original about "A Haunted House 2" - not even the jokes.

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