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Dan and Shay's new album has something for everyone

CNN's Fresh Faces of Hollywood and Billboard's 2014 Artists to Watch Dan & Shay put out their very first 12 track album last Wednesday, April 2 called "Where It All Began" with the help of producers Scott Hendricks and Nashville songwriter, Danny Orton. Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney who comprise the duo, are now opening for Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton on tour.

The opening track, "Show You Off" describes how Dan and Shay are proud of their girls for all they have done and accomplished and want to take them out on the town and have fun as young adults would while later on the song "Party Girl" the album turns soft toned as they tell a story on how they would rather stay inside and "disappear" rather than going out on the town.

Ballads on the album include "I Heard Goodbye" and "Close Your Eyes." With not only a laid back feel to them and piano instrumental, these tracks also show their diversity to every kind of music lover out there and appeal to more than just country fans. These two songs set them apart from the rest of country music right now.

The three songs "Stop Drop + Roll," "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Parking Brake" are all very similar for having the same country-typical theme. "Stop Drop + Roll" is about getting in their car, "putting the top down and rolling down the open road." The following two are spoken and have rap verses with singing integrated in the chorus. These two are about driving out to that place where you can "let yourself let go" and get to know one another.

This album included single and their top 2013 hit "19 You + Me." The album is full of laid back toned pop-country songs that are mostly about relationships and love. The duo's harmonies strike many country fans as you hear their single all over the radio. Although the songs tend to sound alike at times, they flow nicely together and are catchy with many current country music fans finding "Where It All Began" an easy to listen to and enjoy album.

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