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Employees deserve respect for work during closures

Between class cancellations, unfit driving conditions and slippery walkways, this winter has been undeniably difficult. Seton Hall University has been forced to cancel classes either entirely or partially on six occasions and just last week the gym was closed as a precautionary measure to assess whether the roof was structurally sound under the weight of the snow.

Students have understandably grown frustrated by the overall inconvenience. However, it seems that they have forgotten the hard work the University puts into creating a safe, clean and functioning campus after a snowfall.

Gourmet Dining Services employees sleep overnight, mainly in the kitchen area, so that the caf can remain open, and facilities workers do the same.

According to Dennis Garbini, vice president of administrations, snow removal takes anywhere from three to four hours depending on the severity of the weather, while the University hasn't had a shortage of salt, in some cases have hampered cleanup operations due to cold weather and a lack of free space to put the snow.

While at times this can be irritating, it's important to remember that there are hard-working individuals responsible for keeping our campus running during University closures.

Although the snow removal might not always be perfect or the food in the caf the top choice for everyone, the individuals behind these operations are vital to our community and should be respected.


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