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Fourth GrooveBoston is a change to 'rage responsibly'

The University announced Wednesday that GrooveBoston will be coming back to Seton Hall on March 21.

Prior to the last big entertainment event, Fall Fest 2013, Student Services sent a blast email to students warning about the dangers of binge drinking and making the event less enjoyable for other students by being under the influence.

"Please don't ruin it for your fellow students. Go to the concert sober and have a heck of a time," the email encouraged.

Although GrooveBoston is less of a concert and more of a dance event where the audience is the entertainment, this message should still resonate with students.

If there is another spring concert - more than a dozen intoxicated students were transported to the hospital after B.O.B. last spring - the message should still be clear and not be forgotten.

The fact that the University is allowing the GrooveBoston event to return should be seen as a chance to do right by the rules.

There were six students taken to the hospital for intoxication and one other arrested after the October 2012 GrooveBoston.

"I think a lot went right at GrooveBoston," Patrick Linfante, assistant vice president of Public Safety and Security, told The Setonian. "The attendance at the event was recorded at 2,500 plus students."

Despite the hospitalizations, the University continues to host this event and deemed it successful.

This is not something that should be taken advantage of.

The fact that this will be coming back to the Hall is a chance for students to prove that they can handle themselves.

If there are students who insist on going to these events under the influence, all that does is increase the risk of one, going to the hospital, and two, ruining the chance of a future GrooveBoston for themselves and every other student.

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After two people died at an EDM event called Electric Zoo last year, GrooveBoston began to encourage responsible behavior at these events.

Follow the event creator's advice. Be safe.

Drugs and alcohol are never worth the risk to any student or his/her peers.


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